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"Litigating family law matters is never easy on the parties involved. Here at DPG Family Law, we understand that any type of family law litigation is by its very nature stressful and involves unfamiliar terrain. It is our mission to provide our clients with unparalleled legal representation and counsel, and to ensure a swift resolution of any legal proceedings with your best interests in mind." David Gonet, attorney




What Is The First Step In A Divorce or Family Law Case?...It's Finding The Right Attorney!!!

DPG Family Law

Most people mistakenly believe that the first step in a divorce or family law matter in Illinois is the actual filing of documents. This could not be further from the truth!

The first step in any divorce or family law matter in Illinois or any other state, is finding the right attorney! After all, he/she will be guiding your case, and you, through this complicated process. 

A divorce attorney is an advocate on your behalf, and therefore a mouthpiece for your position in  any  legal matter. So shouldn't you put some effort into locating an attorney who you feel confident will present your positions correctly?

Most people believe attorneys are all the same. The only thing that is the same is the law. How an attorney sells your position in regards to that law to a judge, can be different as night and day depending on who you hire. 

So how do you know if divorce or family law attorney is the right fit for you? 

First things  and meet with any  prospective divorce attorneys. You can never gauge a person correctly with just simple telephone call. Take the time to meet with various divorce attorneys near you. 

We mentioned "attorneys near you." This is very important,  you do not want an attorney whose office is located a far distance from your home  or work. You should always strive to hire a divorce or family attorney who has an office near your residence or place of work. You want someone  who is part of the community. This creates an unspoken bond between your attorney and you. Furthermore, it creates a implicit relationship based on your mutual  similarity. An attorney who practices far from where you reside, does not have any connection to you and with a lack of connection, comes a lack of duty or care. For example, most of our clients are located within 10 miles of our offices in either Hoffman Estates or Lincolnshire. 

If you perform a simple internet search for local divorce or family law attorneys near you, you will be provided with a multitude of options. Pick a couple attorneys who stand out to you and have reviews that show they are competent and ethical. Call those attorneys, schedule a free consultation, and take the time to meet with these attorneys. 

Remember, everything you tell an attorney, even if  you do not hire him/her, is confidential. So be honest. One of the first questions an attorney should ask you,  is "what do you want from this divorce?" Your attorney should always be focused on your goals and objectives in any divorce or family law case. 

Excellent divorce or family law attorneys should be able to:

  • Give you confidence to be open and honest. 

  • Listen when you are talking. Really listen, and not just wait for you to finish talking.

  • Make you feel comfortable with the uncomfortable process of divorce or other family law matters.

  • Be willing to give you their time  and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Be upfront with their costs. 

  • And lastly, be practical, and not promise you something they  can't deliver. 

Unlike the common myth, not all attorneys practice in every area of law. There are no attorneys who are experts in divorce law and every other area of law. Your attorney should specialize in the area of law of your case. A divorce attorney is not a specialist in  criminal law. Make sure your attorney actually specializes and focuses on one area of law. 

Remember, an attorney  is a not fortune teller, and law is not math. Many different outcomes are possible in a divorce case. An attorney who promises or guarantees you certain not an attorney you want to  hire. 

The most important aspect of an attorney-client relationship is that actual relationship. Make sure you feel comfortable with your attorney. The relationship between your attorney and you should not be combative, but instead, should be complementary. Your attorney is there to guide you thorough this process. Pick the right guide!

If you live in the Northern or Western Suburbs of Chicago,  and are looking for a divorce or family law attorney near you, please feel free to give us a call and schedule a free consultation at either our Lincolnshire or Hoffman Estate Office. There is no obligation and no fee, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  



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