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State Enforced Pre-Marriage Counseling

May Drive Down Divorce Rate

pre marriage counseling

Believe it or not, there are States in the U.S.A which allow couples interested in obtained a marriage, to attend some form or marriage preparation counseling. In these 10 states, a couple interested in marriage may attend premarital counseling, and once the counseling is complete, the State will either waive or discount the fee for obtaining a marriage license.

Currently, the following States offer such incentives for future married couples: Florida, Oklahoma, Maryland, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, and, most recently, Utah.

In Illinois, as well as Cook County and Lake County, approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce. The above mentioned 10 states are attempting to curb the divorce rate by offering premarital counseling classes, and hopefully prevent couples from ending up in legal divorce battles over maintenance/child support, custody/decision making, and parenting time/visitation.

A recent study from the Institute for Family Studies shows that the incentive program is working! There has been a decline in divorces in the states which offer an incentive to attend premarital counseling.

The lower rate of divorces (currently approximately 2%) is most likely underestimating the positive impact of premarital counseling prior to marriage. The lower rate of divorces is presumed to be underestimated because it takes into account divorce rates of marriages which took place before the incentive programs were enacted.

The IFS study further states that better results would be achieved if States effectively enforced the incentive programs.

Many couples seeking a divorce attorney in Cook or Lake County come to our Hoffman Estates of Lincolnshire office stating that the reason for the divorce is because one spouse has or had unrealistic expectations of what constitutes a successful marriage. Perhaps, attending such counseling prior to entering a serious commitment, such a marriage, would be highly beneficial and prevent many divorces.


Numerous persons speaking with our divorce attorneys relay that their spouse’s opinion of financial or parenting issues is not in line with the other spouse. A disconnect in parenting styles or approach to finances, often leads to divorce.

A divorce can be quite costly and stressful, any measure that could educate people about common issues during a marriage, may in fact, help curb the divorce rate.

If for any reason, you would like to speak with a top rated divorce attorney in Cook and Lake counties, please feel free to schedule a free consultation at either our Lincolnshire of Hoffman Estates offices. We specialize in custody/parental allocation, maintenance/alimony, child support, and parentage actions.



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