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Child Support For Unmarried Couples in Illinois

unmarried couples
unmarried couple

Child support is a fundamental right regardless of whether the parents are married. Married parents in Illinois who are going through a divorce do not enjoy a benefit over unmarried parents when it comes to child support. Child support in Illinois is calculated using the exact same law and formula for married and unmarried parents. 

Even if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend did not want to have the child, they can be forced to pay child support. The law does not allow a parent to waive their parental rights in hopes of not paying child support. Both parents are obligated to pay for the support of a child. If your child lives with you, and your ex does not financial contribute, you should consider filing a Petition for Child Support against your ex.

A case in which the parents are unmarried and one parent is requesting child support, is called a Parentage or Paternity case. Once you have proven that your ex is the biological parent of the child, then you can request child support.

Not only can unmarried couples request child support, an unmarried individual can request custody or an allocation of parenting time and decision making. You can request a judge issue an order delineating a parenting schedule outlining when and where your ex can visit with the child.

Unmarried mothers and fathers both have rights when it comes to their child. Either can petition a court to issue a custody and child support arrangement.

Many people visit our Lincolnshire or Hoffman Estates family law and divorce offices requesting a free consultation. We are happy to oblige. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation and become informed as to your rights regarding your child. Our top rated family law and child support attorneys are eager to help you and meet with you in a no pressure consultation.

The Illinois child support law in its entirety can be found here. Alternatively, please click here for an interactive child support calculator.

We can file a Petition for Child Support in Cook, Lake, or McHenry county. 



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