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Video games divorce

A study out of the United Kingdom claims to have found a correlation between video games and divorce.

The video game industry is expected to reach $300 billion within the next six years. Without a doubt, video games are becoming the go-to entertainment for many adults and children.

After reviewing multiple Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage, and filings contained within divorce cases,  video games are mentioned an inordinate amount of times.

For example, Fortnite, a popular video game (if not the most popular) was mentioned in an astonishing 5% of divorce filings! Fornite was even listed as the cause of divorce in many divorce filings.

“Video game addiction” is making its way into the American lexicon. Recent studies show that within married couples, if either couple played video games, 73% of the time it was the husband. Furthermore, 75% of women stated that they wished their husbands played less video games.

It should be noted that with couples who both played video games, those couples actually stated that video games are beneficial to their relationship.

For married couples where only one spouse is a gamer, video games were detrimental to their relationship.

The issue of video games has been present in many Lake County and Cook County divorces. During a divorce with children, the Court must determine a proper parenting schedule which is in the best interests of the minor children. Top divorce attorneys will argue that the spouse who spends an inordinate amount of time playing video games, should not be awarded equal or the majority of parenting time. This argument is based on the reasoning that playing video games while you have parenting time with your children, is not “quality” time with the children, and thus the other spouse should have more parenting time.

There is also a financial component to video games and divorce. Our Lincolnshire and Hoffman Estates attorneys have represented spouses in divorces which involved one spouse spending inordinate marital funds on video games.

Video games have built in marketplaces within them. Not only do you spend money on the actual purchase of the game, but there are numerous in-game purchases you can make. For example, you can spend money on obtaining equipment or alterations to your video game character.

Usually, only one spouse is a gamer, thus the other spouse is not aware of the financial expenditures of the other spouse in the video game.

During a divorce, bank and credit cards statement are exchanged and reviewed. Only at the time, does the other spouse find out about the financial expenditures. It is possible to argue that the gaming spouse “dissipated” marital assets on the video games. Our divorce attorneys in Lincolnshire and Hoffman Estates have argued that the money spent on video games should be reimbursed to the other spouse.

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